The greatest basketball shot in the history of cinema.

“In Impro, Keith Johnstone writes that when improvisers try to be original, they fail. “Don’t be original; be obvious.” When you state the obvious, you actually seem original. Paradoxical, eh? Likewise, the more specific the feelings, experiences, stories – the more universal they appear. The trick is, what’s completely obvious to you isn’t obvious to anyone else. Many people can tell exactly the same story about exactly the same event, but if each speaks from their authentic point of view, each story will seem “original.””

- Nina Paley, “The Cult of Originality” (via)


Platform lets users share documents with real-time audio comments

The platforms that businesses most commonly use to communicate with both colleagues and clients — phone, email, face-to-face meetings and video chat — are typically only used one at a time. If it’s just a quick chat, you pick up the phone, if you need to send a document you send an email. But is there a way to make multimedia collaboration more seamless through a single platform? We recently wrote about Talko, which aims to make voice calls more like emails. Now a similar service, Blrt, is offering both real-time and anytime sharing of documents, with integrated drawing and voice commenting tools. READ MORE…

“If you’re worried you don’t measure up, that could well be a sign that you do.”

- 99U

“In this brave new world of unreasonableness, em­powered consumers, part­nerships, technology and uncertainty, the lesson is that strategy doesn’t preordain or precede action but jogs alongside our action, informing and directing us as we go. Strategy does not stop. And neither should we.”

- Tracy Follows “Why strategy should be seen as a soap opera” (via peterspear)