Strategist for a connected world.


Because digital isn't a thing, its everything.



Revolution is the new status quo.


Technology and digital are fueling change and new economies. To survive in this new reality you must evolve. Revolutionize the way you do business. This is the new normal. Get to work because you don't want to get left behind.



Nail the structure or get nailed.


Start with marketing principles, apply insights and create your underlying marketing structure. This is the foundation for everything, including advertising.  Get this right first to take on change and not get nailed.



Creativity is more than varnish.


Fuse your marketing structure with creativity to create something novel, upstream, mid-stream or down-stream. Get to Ideas that are human, scalable and digitally rooted. Ideas that put your business in the driving seat.





I'm Umar. I find ways to grow your brand in complex and connected environments by creating structures then apply creativity to bring them to life. A marketing driven approach that allows your brand to grow and take change head on.

This is Structured Creativity.


Businesses I have helped nail it and win.

Distinct ability to translate insight into strategy, strong capacity for lateral thinking and sound business judgement
— Meir Vatagsky, Head of Digital Acquisition Media BMO Financial Group
He has his clients best interests at heart, even if at times that means challenging them to get to the next big idea
— Vadim Tchernine, Director of Web Analytics, Publicis North America
Umar will run an agency one day because of his abilities
— Kathy Kohn, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, henderson bas kohn
Working with Umar is inspiring and thought provoking
— Seif Khemmissia, Business Science Director, Mediacom
Amazing gut instinct for what will resonate in today’s market
— Matthew Hamilton, Vice President of Digital, Zeno Group Canada

If marketing were easy, every business would be successful.


Ideas that have solid structures drive results, always. Developing structures is simple but not easy. It requires a vision, hard work, common sense and expertise. If you're ready to create something that works and stands out, give me a shout.